Integrated Site Operations

OncoBay acknowledges the importance of quality site engagement. Our foundation is built on our vision to transform IO research through innovation, collaboration, and partnership to positively impact the lives of people with cancer. Success requires an innovative approach yielding a unique level of site access, PI engagement, and unparalleled executional excellence.
Integrated Site Operations
OncoBay has gone beyond the expected, beyond the traditional, and beyond the required.
To achieve our vision, access to patients—through their treating physician and within their community—is fundamental. To that end, we have established core relationships that create site and sponsor opportunity.

Oncology Site Network

OncoNet IO

These sites have been vetted specifically for their ability to activate quickly, identify large numbers of patients, and integrate successfully within the OncoBay Clinical technology ecosystem. Working with these sites allows unparalleled transparency and efficiency, and many are also capable of working in JIT models.

Onco CTx

With the support of Moffitt Cancer Center, these sites have been specifically vetted and trained by OncoBay to conduct cell therapy trials. The sites have the capabilities, expertise and resources to execute the complex requirements of CTx studies and enhance access to patients.

OncoNet IO Network Value Proposition


Enhanced access to patients

Ability to deliver a larger number of studies across fewer sites leading to improve consistency of delivery, increased quality and predictability

Project delivered faster, more efficiently and with higher quality

Improved site selection process ensuring the right site receives the right study


Increased access OncoBay Clinical studies that align with the sites research interest: streamlined feasibility and waived Qualification

Streamlined process related to study start-up activities and study execution

Enhanced risk-based monitoring with eSource technologies, eISF, and virtual visits

Opportunities to shape new clinical trial technologies and methologies

A clear, transparent point of contact across all studies within OncoBay Clinical

Commitment to prioritized and transparent payment

Onco CTx  Consortium Value Proposition


Enhance access to patients

Access to sites trained and developed by Moffitt Cancer Center

Ability to deliver a large number of cell therapy studies across fewer sites leading to improved consistency of delivery, increased quality and predictability

Project delivered faster, more efficiently and with higher quality

Consortium Site

All of the benefits of the Network Sites, plus…

Collaboration with other Consortium sites

Commercial REMS-required Training and Knowledge Assessment

Processes and procedures to ensure that appropriate requirements for cell therapies are met

Research site support as needed

Marketing of the Consortium, including for studies separate from OncoBay as a CRO


Take Advantage of OncoBay’s Innovative Approach


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OncoBay is now Kapadi


Once three entities – OncoBay Clinical, Clinscience, and Exom Group s.r.l – now we stand as one, bringing forth a symphony of expertise and seamless operations. To celebrate our unity, we re-brand under the banner of Kapadi, and embark on a new chapter of exceptional service in oncology clinical research.

Kapadi is not just a name; it's a testament to our fusion. It signifies the our standing as a global CRO powerhouse committed to accelerating groundbreaking cancer therapies that uplift patients worldwide. From conceptualizing studies, navigating regulations, and analyzing data, we provide a comprehensive array of services designed to empower your oncology clinical trials.




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