Clinical Operations

Imagine the ability to have complete clinical operations transparency all the way to the trial site with the ability to direct access EMR data, virtually oversee dosing or IP handling, along with the capability to leverage risk algorithms to accelerate decision making with. OncoBay has created that exact ecosystem.
Clinical Operations
We have built our clinical operations infrastructure with the understanding that our biotech sponsors are running leaner yet need to produce increasingly higher results. Recognizing these pressures, OncoBay has optimized our service offerings to support all operational requirements both simply and efficiently. Additionally, we offer a simplified resourcing structure which yields fewer transitions and a committed clinical team with the skills and expertise to rise to any challenge regardless of the specialization.
Our approach is simple:
  1. The OncoBay CRAs own their sites. This means from initial engagement through closeout, every clinical site has a single and consistent point of contact who understands the site, the project history, and the best ways to assure success with compliance.
  2. The project manager is the single team leader managing clinical operations end to end. With a focus on early phase programs, we know layers of communication result in layers of misinterpretation. We remain a flat and nimble organization with clinically skilled project managers who can help you identify, strategize and solve every step of the way.
  3. OncoBay has then taken this very simple idea of skilled and experienced scientifically based staff and supported them with technology. We have a “virtual vision”. At every step on the clinical trial process, we have reconsidered traditional paradigms implementing everything from virtual qualification and initiation visits, to remote observation of initial patient dosing through to direct EMR EDC integration creating a fundamental shift in the way clinical trials are managed.


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