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Built outside the distended shadow of the traditional CRO model, OncoBay was created as a leaner, streamlined CRO to focus on the scientific execution of immuno-oncology programs without having redundancies of systems, processes, or workforce.  With this focus, we are able to amass a highly experienced workforce with a specialization in complex early-phase oncology trials. OncoBay is both exceptionally efficient and technologically advanced—specifically to accelerate the development of immunotherapies.

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Our mission is to greatly improve the outcomes of people with cancer. To this end, profound oncology experience pervades the framework of OncoBay at all levels. From each team member assigned to a project, to the OncoBay leadership, to our parent company, the renowned Moffitt Cancer Center.

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OncoBay is a boutique CRO designed to provide responsive, custom-curated services to biopharma and biotech companies seeking to overcome the hurdles of immuno-oncology clinical development.  Comprehensive in our abilities, streamlined in our design, unrivaled in our expertise, and unbounded in our dedication to supporting drug developers in discovering cures for cancer, OncoBay provides our clients with quality results, greater speed, and unmatched value.

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